Pricing for Piezo / MIDI can be found on the Warr Guitars  "Prices"  page.

Pricing for Piezo / MIDI can be found on the Warr Guitars "Prices" page.

Piezo Transducers Pickups

Experience the acoustic sound that only a piezo pickup can give! With piezo’s on your Warr Guitar you can have that pristine acoustic tone, and still have your Bartolini’s. With a blend knob, you have the choice of piezo, Bartolini magnetics, or any combination in between.


MIDI allows your Warr Guitar to digitally interface, or communicate with MIDI equipped devices such as computers, controllers and converters so that you can write, record and edit your music via your computer or create the sounds of virtually any other instrument or synthesized effect live or in the studio right from your instrument.

Our MIDI electronics are made by RMC and are installed within the control cavity of the instrument an triggered by piezo pickups imbedded under each saddle in your guitar or bass bridge. By using piezos as opposed to the old hex pickup mounted on the face of the instrument, the system tracks virtually instantaneously and is much more accurate.

This system is compatible with any 13 pin guitar-to-MIDI converter such as the Axon AX100, Roland VG8 or GR series or the Yamaha converters and can be blended with the existing piezo and magnetic signals from the instrument.

With your Warr Guitar, you can choose to MIDI all 12 strings and control your Roland, Axon, or Yamaha directly from your instrument!

Note: Two MIDI synth devices are required for more than 6-strings of piezo/MIDI