Welcome to Warr Guitars' Learning Center

Welcome! The purpose of this site is to provide you with several tools, suggestions and techniques that hopefully will help you as your travel through your musical journey with your Warr Guitar. With the increasing number of players adopting this two-hands technique tapping on the fretboard, we believe that offering you some points of reference to start with may accelerate your research, with the humble intention of adding and improving its contents as we explore these concepts further. 

For each topic we offer some of the basic musical theory behind the subject, and then we cover how they apply to the Warr Guitar. To elaborate on each concept covered, we include (if applicable) the position of the fingers, the musical notation, and a sound/video clip to help explain the concept better.

Please send us your feedback, corrections, suggestions and we will be glad to include them within our content. Below the structure of this section of the site. Requests for further subjects please email: mark@warrguitars.com




  • Major Triads
  • Minor Triads


  • Warming Up
  • General
  • Diatonic Patterns
  • Hand Independence 




  • Chords
    • Melody
    • Bass
    • Combined
  • Theory
    • Chord Generation
    • Modulation 


  • Licks 1
  • Licks 2
  • Licks 3