My New Found Love - FormZ 7

For years I have been using Rhino as my CAD software of choice.  Adding T-splines plug-in to the mix just added to the joy!  T-Splines opened up a whole new world for me; the beautiful organic shapes that I was able to achieve vs. just using Rhino was a life saver.  Needless to say, this type of modeling that T-splines introduced to me caused me to look around to see what else was out there with regard to achieving organic shapes with the ease that a NURBS modeler (Rhino) could only dream of.  Looking high and low, I found Modo.  

Modo is a sub-d modeler which lends itself to really opening up the doors to organic shapes as well as non-organic shapes.  Soon I was finding myself preferring Modo for my organic modeling needs over T-splines.  In Modo, you can model just about anything you wish and render your design with great rendering accuracy.  The problem in Modo is creating accuracy for an object ready to use on a CNC. This is where Rhino with T-splines really shines; you can do both types of modeling within the same program.  But Modo has a more robust and advanced set of tools vs. T-splines, not to mention, I think Modo is way more fun to use.

The fact that I loved modeling in Modo so much, the next question for me was "is there a CAD design software that I might like better than Rhino?" Don't get me wrong, I think Rhino is a great program and I will never knock it.  Rhino has been very good to me and I still use it for many things!  But somehow I just felt Rhino as my main modeler was not the best fit for my personalty and work flow. As I looked high and wide, trying every CAD software I could find that had a trial download; I found FormZ 7.

The body below was modeled in Modo and exported into FormZ 7 using Luxology's "Power SubD-NURBS" plug-in which translates the object into a NURBS object.  The neck was modeled in Form Z and then attached to the body.

I have been using FormZ 7 for about 6 months now and though it is not perfect; quirks and all; I really fell in love with this particular design software.  I am even finding ways to design in Form Z that reduces my need for Modo!  Also, rendering in FormZ 7 is kick ass! The ease and power using either RenderZone or especially "Maxwell Render" plug-ins makes Form Z an absolute pleasure to design in.  Oh, and did I say that Form Z works both on Mac and Windows platform? This is a big plus for my workflow!

In the near future I will post some easy beginner tutorials on this site geared for guitar design.  For more advanced guitar design, I will be posting some guitar / bass design tutorials for sale at the Warr Guitars "Store" web site.